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Handle Inserts – Alfa Romeo 159


The handle inserts are with my own design and fit in all Alfa Romeo 159 inside door closing handles.

You can buy the original product at https://macman-pro.com/module/alfa-romeo-159-handle-inserts/

The material is high quality rubber. Alfa Romeo logo inside.

Original number of the product is: 71744253 for black and 71744254 for beige.

The price is for one set (4pcs). One set have four pieces.

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Headlight Adjusters – Alfa Romeo 145/146

19.99 18.99

The adjusters are with my own design and fit in all Alfa Romeo 145 and Alfa Romeo 146 headlights.

The material is Polylactic acid, impregnated with a special hardener. The head is much harder than the original adjusters.

One headlight have two pieces. One set have four pieces.

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